DV8 is a new-age digital media marketing agency that provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions. DV8 specializes in designing and developing digital marketing strategies that encompass the personalized needs of a brand. The company was established more than five years ago with clients in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates.

DV8 Philosophy

At the crossroads of technology and creativity, you’ll find DV8: an agency populated by big thinkers and skilled technologists born and bred for the digital age. We generate ideas and strategies driven by consumer insight and amplified through an unparalleled mastery of technology.

Staff picks

  • Oct 3, 2018

    We’re back with our Snapchat series!

    After seeing Snapchat lose some of its popularity, Snapchat is now trying to take back its crown with its newly added features.

Sep 17, 2018
We are back again with a brand new story for you, we’re pretty sure most of you have lived through it and will live on to tell the tale. Before we...
Jul 18, 2017
Luis Fonsi’s song Despacito hits number 1 song in 2017 so far with 2.6+ billion views on Youtube. The song not only a viral phenomenon, but has also...

What We Offer

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

There is no “solution that fits all” when jumping into the turbulent world of digital marketing. We can provide you with a personalized road map to success that seamlessly integrates itself into your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

We handle all your social media marketing needs from A to Z. We specialize in developing disruptive promotional campaigns that utilize social media platforms.

Integrated Brand Network Development

Let us help you build your own social hub and utilize your other social networks as extensions of your brand. This way you can avoid the risks and won't be let down by the limitations of relying on third party.

Content Creation & Management

Content is NOT king. It never was and if you think it is, chances are you are failing to achieve your goals. In reality, the customer is the ONLY king. We develop content and an experience that's relevant to each and every one of your customers.

Creative & Experience Design

To build a well connected brand, you need to be informed about your customer' desires and motivations. It doesn't stop there, branded experiences that inspire and engage are vital. We have the insight and creative chops to deliver both.

Web-based & Mobile App Development

Mobility is at the core of everything we build and present to our clients. From user interfaces to customizable marketing tools, our experienced team of geeks got your back.

Our Packages

We offer annual retainer-based packages that are customized to our clients’ needs & goals. Packages available include: Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

SM Management
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Management
Social Media Advertising
Monthly Reporting
SM Marketing
Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Management
Content Development
Content Branding
Social Media Advertising
Monthly Reporting
Digital Marketing
Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Management
Content Development
Content Branding
Social Media Advertising
Blog Content Writing (4 posts/month)
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Weekly Reporting
Basic Website Development

Our Clients

HintHunt Dubai
Tahboub Home

What We've Done

Facebook Fans
We’ve helped our clients build their own communities based on their target audiences.
We’ve helped our clients reach their targets and engage with their clients on specific hashtags.
+50 Website, Web
& Mobile Apps
We’ve helped our clients communicate with their customers through cutting-edge solutions that cater to their needs.

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