The Evolution of Instagram Stories

The Evolution of Instagram Stories

We are back again with a brand new story for you, we’re pretty sure most of you have lived through it and will live on to tell the tale. Before we start, check out our profile on designrush.

Once upon a time we had a Social Media platform called “Instagram” which was used to share beautifully taken shots of our delicious food, our extravagant lifestyle and our gym exercises… Until a bit over 2 years ago -on the 2nd of August 2016- when “Instagram Stories” were introduced!

Despite the lack of enthusiasm upon its launch and being called a rip-off of Snapchat, Instagram Stories came through reaching over 400 million users on a daily basis.

We believe that Instagram Stories became a success; because of the creativity and innovation it brought to the world… We are not saying that the concept of stories WAS completely original but the way they updated its features made Instagram Stories more and more innovative whether it was with their Boomerang, Hashtag tracking or the recently Music Stickers update!

Here’s a timeline of Instagram Stories’ updates:

  • August 2016: Instagram launched stories
  • November 2016: Boomerang came to life
  • October 2017: Two additional features were added “Superzoom” and “Polls”
  • February 2018: New fonts were introduced
  • May 2018: Emoji sliders were born
  • June 2018: Licensed music can now be used in stories (This update isn’t available in our region yet)
  • July 18: Users found a new way to interact with each other through “Questions”
  • Up next: Shopping on stories

As we’ve seen, Instagram have been working hard to keep their Instagram Stories creative and up-to-date! I wonder what do they have in stores for us in the near future, but whatever it is I’m pretty sure it’ll be S-U-P-E-R. 

What is your favorite “Instagram Story” update so far?


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